Melting Flowers

Melting Flowers

Flowers bring happiness, lightness and positive feelings.

Inspired by his own garden, Pieter Adam began to mould these breath-taking products of nature in wax. With his designs, Pieter hopes to contribute to a joyful interior. For this, he most certainly succeeded with this Melting Flowers series existing of both hanging and wall lamps.

A flower is both beautiful on its own as well as bound together. This also accounts for the series of wall lights. One piece on itself is very decorative but filling a wall these objects are irresistible as well. All pieces are made by hand in brass and subsequently provided with a gold, rose gold or real silver layer.

The series of hanging lamps is very eye catching and perfectly suitable for a sophisticated setting. The flowers, in all their diversity, give these hanging lamps their appealing and lively appearance. The light is scattered in a unique and beautiful way, contributed by the thickness and silver spots of the glass bulbs. For these beautifully blown glasses, Pieter went to Italy where quality is still being made as he so much appreciates.

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