Melting Paris

Melting Paris

The Melting Paris series combines natures’ radiance with organic shapes in a contemporary style by employing a raw surface of bronze. Recognizable shapes are restyled to achieve their own look.

In contrast with today’s mass production, Pieter Adam wants his designs to show his personal touch and signature. This is clearly visible in the Melting Paris series where each piece is handcrafted in wax literally showing the artists’ finger prints. When looking at a Melting piece one can see the organic, unrestricted shape; nothing is straight or smooth. These pieces are characteristic of detail and achievement. The possibilities bronze casting offers are being employed in all its facets.

The freedom of creativity and inspiration is ultimately found in creating something by just using your hands. It is the purest way of designing. Away from all mass produced items and searching for the authentic craftsmanship only traditional craftsmen can achieve. Sustainable, with love for his craft and the end product, a Melting Paris piece truly gives a peek in the artist’s head.

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